Our Mission :

At AIIMS during her treatment, Arpita saw the plight of cancer patient’s coming to Delhi from Bihar, Utter Pradesh and Punjab, guiding and encourage patient’s families in between her Chemo, radiotherapy, realized that lack information and economic constraint was causing poor cancer patients to avail basic health care services before, during and after the treatment in the metro cities. She was concerned about privacy of women patients and sensitive doctors/ medical staff should be deputed for treating cancer patients, because if cancer does not kill their pain would. She had chosen this profession, following her father’s footstep to devote her skills and knowledge for rural poor and cherished a dream to work for them after completing her training.

After coping life without her for more than two and a half year, decided to make her dream, our vision in finding some answers and reason for patients coming in advanced stages and efficacy of cancer awareness programs from people’s perspective.